Empowering Lifeskills and Leadership through Games (The Girls’ Brigade)

Deepening the learning experience of lifeskills and leadership values with digital games

The Girls’ Brigade in Singapore (GBS) is a voluntary organisation dedicated to youth development. Working with Raison, it has been engaging new media as an experiential learning platform for core Badge and Leadership programs.

Student reflections from over 14,000 Check-Ins in an early ValuesVenture pilot program showed how a new media learning model could be used to successfully impart leadership values, and even stem a developing disorder:

“It allowed me to see that i was one of the girls as well, and that i was in the early stages of anorexia. But now, i’m trying my best to eat and stop myself from becoming anorexic.”

A subsequent series of online games were designed around the GBS Healthy Attitudes (HA) core badges, with unique online experiences designed to create a rich context for discussing values in key learning areas.

Ringa-Dinga is the master of ceremonies and introduces the Carnival to you. Start at the Mirror ME-ror tent where you create your online character, then explore the other attractions to uncover the different aspects of your personality.

The Big Top Tent is where you finally become the star of the show! Choose your 3 Stepping Stones (Life Values) to help you reach your Dream!

Best Foot Forward is a story set in Arcadia High and centers on a bunch of young teenage friends, ranging from the cool and nerdy, to the outright rude! Journey through a blizzard of confusing situations in the various spaces around school, and keep your chin up as you battle everything from paper bullets to Friendbook updates!

Moving around the school, the player encounters several ethical scenarios. Opinions and views are presented from 6 different characters leaving you to figure out the best decision.

You’re starting your new job as producer for the new girl band, ComMUSICation – the band that Communicates through Music! The band’s prepping for their latest concert, and it’s up to you to help them achieve HARMONY, and make the gig a success!

Learn the art of listening as you discover your Heart Language, create a chart-topping song mix, fix up a recording room, and even battle a bubble wall of anger around an irate band member.

GBS Officers are now able to focus their efforts on their facilitation role as they draw on the in-game scenarios, learner actions, experiences, reflections and scores, in face-to-face discussions.

This program features a comprehensive set of resources, including Orientation Kits, Facilitation Guides, Digital Resources, and an integrated Game Management System for viewing summary reports across 80 schools.

  • Instructional & UX Design
  • Game Design & Development
  • Game Management System
  • Learning Resource Kits
Empowering Lifeskills and Leadership through Games (The Girls’ Brigade)