Engaging Children At-Risk in a Cyber Safety Trainer (Values Venture)

Developing child risk perception & cyber safety through interactive fairytales

The Digital Explorer Quest is a Values Venture program for children ages 7 to 12, and designed for facilitation by parents, teachers and mentors.

The digital world is an integral part of the lifestyle profile of children today.

With early access comes a growing set of values challenges and dangers ranging from passive threats like online addictions, or violent and disturbing media, to active threats like cyber bullying and child predators.

A child’s commonsense view of danger and risk in online situations is often inadequate, and impaired by an illusion of safety behind a controllable, familiar, and empowering media interface.

In creating the Digital Explorer Quest, Raison combines interactive stories with real world scenarios to address significant risk perception factors* in an age appropriate way, and deliver key messages simply and memorably, with over 30 Talking Points for facilitators.

Set in the colourful world of Unhatched Adventures, 3 modern fairytales Farm Alarm, The Secret Key, and The Lost Child introduce the powerful personal safety rules Think Safe, Think Sharp, Think Smart, to help children assess risk and respond well to unknown dangers.

As part of the quest, kids visit the Taffy Treehouse and learn their unique cyber risk profile, and try their hand at the Lemon Toss arcade to build their familiarity and fluency with 5 common types of online threats.

  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Instructional Design
  • Game Design & Development
  • Facilitation Resource Kit

*Psychometric research identifies three high order factors affecting risk perception: (i) how well a risk is understood, (ii) how much it evokes a feeling of dread, and (iii) the number of exposures to the risk.

Engaging Children At-Risk in a Cyber Safety Trainer (Values Venture)