Designing Flexible Curricula for Differentiated Learners (BB Singapore)

Rethinking program delivery for dynamic learning situations & stronger engagement

The Boys’ Brigade (BB) is a youth leadership and mentoring organisation with an active presence in well over a hundred schools in Singapore.

As part of a program renewal effort, Raison was invited to consult and execute a program redesign to integrate leadership and 21st Century Learning Design  (21CLD) across curriculum, while increasing the delivery flexibility for a wider range of operating contexts and learner types.

Core traditions, disciplines and existing programs were comprehensively mapped against a new matrix of key learning areas in 4 primary domains (Global Awareness, Personal Mastery, Community Spiritedness & Leadership).

The online learning modules were then woven around a Starblazers adventure theme, as a narrative structure for gamification.

Stories and scenarios recreated a relevance for learning organisational history, adventure skills like map reading and knot tying, marching drills, and about environmental and global issues. See how it works below.

A mission can contain one or more Story Arcs which can be played independently. Players need to complete an Arc to fulfil the mission. If two Arcs are completed, the higher score is used.

This program structure provides a baseline for mission completion, yet offers a sufficiently diverse learning experience to enrich face-to-face group discussions. Additional pathways and content also allow higher ability students room to explore further.

Each Arc contains Thematic Zones featuring unique Encounters.

In an Environmental quest, students choose between Land or Ocean Arcs, then explore story content from 4 Thematic Zones:

Forest VillageDeforestation (Land), Ecosystem Damage (Ocean)
Beach Town: Pollution, Haze (Land), Over-Consumption (Ocean)
Large City: Dumping (Land), Declining Fish Stocks (Ocean)
Laboratory: Ozone Layer (Land), Droughts, Climate Change (Ocean)

Encounters can be friendly, neutral or hostile characters. They connect to the larger story while posing a story fragment, problem or challenge. Player actions earn points to affect the overall score.

In a Global Issues quest, players visit the Village School, a Thematic Zone dealing with child exploitation and fair trade, and piece together clues from each Encounter, to uncover why a number of Ivory Town School students aren’t turning up for lessons.

  • Curriculum Mapping & Planning
  • Program Development
  • Graphic Design & Layout
  • Learning Resource Kits
Designing Flexible Curricula for Differentiated Learners (BB Singapore)