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In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.  ~ Baba Dioum ~

Here’s a simple Penguin game app concept we pulled together recently. We wanted to observe if a deeper appreciation of the environment could be developed as a child played, and so strengthen a personal connection with ocean biodiversity. Have a cool dip under some pristine Antarctic ice floes, and let us know how you found it!

The Marvellous World of Animals in Your HandsSubmarine Cabin

The OCEAN Games are here again. Join the Penguins-in-Training for the Distance Diving event at Penguin Bay! Swim, dive and dash around the beautiful yet treacherous underwater world of the Antarctic.

Collect delicious food like Krill, Fish and Squid while avoiding Seal, Shark and Killer Whale predators in order to get the most Krill Kredits! Complete Missions and earn bonus Kredits!

Spend your hard-earned Kredits in the Dive Depot to unlock adorable new Penguin Friends and gain Power-Ups to help you best your Distance Diving record! Do you have what it takes to qualify for the OCEAN Games?

Visit the Academy and our world of fascinating characters! Learn more about conservation and Play Your Part!

Power Ups

  • Maui Boost: Get a massive speed boost from your Maui dolphin buddies
  • Hawksbill Shield: Form a shield with your Hawksbill turtle allies’ help
  • Sei Wave: Ask your Sei whale pal to blow away all the nearby obstacles
  • Starfish Regeneration: Revives your little penguin after it’s knocked out


Penguin Bay

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