Growing an Active Online Community Ground Up (Dads for Life)

Resourcing a national movement to build a family culture of active & engaged fathers

Dads for Life encourages fathers to take an active role in their children’s lives.

The movement’s success lies in building a culture of active fatherhood and breaking new ground for fathers to take control of how they relate to their families, breaking old moulds of the traditional breadwinner role.

Raison played a primary role in working with the Ministry of Family and Social Development to bring the movement online through a multi-year new media strategy, content operations and social media management.

Campaigns and content were focused on progressively mobilising each class of actors with an influence on the transformational outcome of vibrant father-child relationships. Distinct platforms were created for voices to speak and be heard, with social media amplifying these authentic messages.

Key Campaigns & Community Thrust

  • All Shapes & Sizes (Year 1)
    Giving voice to children to speak to their dads
  • Joy of Being There (Year 1)
    Giving voice to dads to speak to their children
  • All About Dad (Year 2)
    Giving voice to every person to write a tribute to their dads
  • HappySnaps! (Year 2)
    Creating a safe space for fathers and children to talk
  • Dads Toolbox Snowball (Year 3)
    Building an online commons for day-to-day, dad-to-dad ideas
  • Great Wall of Dads (Year 3)
    Mobilizing community around dads, and dads round community
  • Dad Specials (Year 4)
    Getting the marketplace to think Dads with their own specials
  • GearUP Challenge (Year 4)
    Growing the DFL Supporter community as a vital part of DFL
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Content Operations
  • Community Management
  • Digital PR & SEO
Growing an Active Online Community Ground Up (Dads for Life)