Delivering an Immersive Listening Experience (Speckled Lambs)

Crafting listening experiences & new ways to audition music with immersive media

Speckled Lambs, an independent music label, wanted to produce a special album for Singapore’s Jubilee, and capture the historical roots of Jubilee as a time of rest and return to family.

Raison developed a few concepts around immersive media, the realistic 3D environment of virtual worlds and real-time strategy games, to deliver a complete listener experience.

Two cutting edge trails were made on the Unity game engine. These immersive 3D environments were designed to run on new browsers with WebGL capabilities, and as apps on Google Play and App Store.

In the Jubilee Rest Trail, an idyllic music auditioning space was created with a simple fixed path and free camera to let a busy audience carve out a restful listening place anytime, anywhere.

In the Jubilee Encounter Trail, the audience would choose routes to take and trigger different listening tracks as they moved across trail zones to complete a treasure quest.

  • Immersive Content Design
  • Game Design & Development
  • Web & App Deployment
  • Web Design
Delivering an Immersive Listening Experience (Speckled Lambs)