Energizing Learning with Collaborative Systems (IRTLab)

Accelerating training in creativity & innovation through collaborative learning environments

The IRTLab transforms traditional classroom formats into flexi-functional collaborative and group computing environments for both educational and corporate settings.

Its highly engineered flexibility presents an entirely fresh approach to organising group work and facilitating technology supported interactivity.

As a learning space innovation, the IRTLab addresses the common tensions associated with typical room layouts for 1-1 computing: blocked lines of sight to the front, or a lack of work area in forward facing or group situations.

Roles are easily assigned for individual and paired work, or groups of 3 to 10 members, while maximising common resources in a balance of synergy and autonomy in learning.

The IRTLab also facilitates a quick turnaround time for grouping and regrouping, uniquely enabling multiple modes of instruction, collaboration and gamification.

Teachers will appreciate being able to mix a variety of lecture and presentation modes, assign individual and paired work, and organise group collaboration and debate, instantly. In addition, these workspaces made for technology sharing allow new devices to be easily blended into learning.

The IRTLab is a learning space solution that meets every demand of a learner centered curriculum and balances the complex needs of educators, learners and technology. Request a demo.

  • Learning Space Design
  • Blended Learning Programs
  • Team Building & Creativity
  • Training & Facilitation
Energizing Learning with Collaborative Systems (IRTLab)